Regression Therapy

Regression is a tool used by hypnotherapists to find the causative event that has led to a client’s problem when no obvious reason is apparent. Severe problems that have been difficult to overcome and which have been present for a long period of time indicate that a different approach is needed and Regression Therapy may well offer a solution in certain cases.


Effective Regression Therapy requires a highly trained therapist and uses altered states of awareness to enable people to access memories from the past which are adversely affecting their lives today. Whilst these memories can, with some people, be accessed without too much difficulty, they must be effectively resolved and re-framed for maximum benefit to the client and this is the crucial part of the therapy.


Some examples of typical issues suitable for regression therapy are disturbing thoughts, emotional problems, unexplained physical symptoms, relationship issues, phobias, anxiety, obsessions, etc.


Once these memories are identified, any associated unresolved trauma or emotion can be released and transformed by the regression therapist in a safe and structured way.


This often results in a long-lasting, therapeutic effect that other therapies are unable to provide.

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 Charges for Regression Therapy


Regression Therapy is a longer session time, typically 2-3 hours duration, costing £80 for each session.

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