Why use hypnotherapy?


We all know when something is not right with us but we don’t always know the reason. The first thing we usually do is visit the GP and this is often all that is needed because the doctor is able to bring us back to full health.

What if that doesn’t happen?  What if it involves tablets, surgery and procedures we don’t want to entertain?  What if it involves all of these and we still don’t feel right?  What do we do then?

This is where Hypnotherapy can come in.  Our bodies and minds are amazing and hypnotherapy makes use of the awesome power of our own minds to make the changes needed to bring us back into balance again.


  • Hypnosis is a powerful tool for creating positive change.
  • It is perfectly natural – we all experience altered states of awareness throughout the day; when we daydream for instance, or are totally absorbed in reading a book, watching a television programme, etc.
  • Hypnotherapy is a suitable therapy for all ages.
  • You are helped to help yourself and therefore the changes are likely to  be long-lasting.
  • Hypnotherapy is completely safe and very relaxing. No-one can force you to do anything you don’t want to do.
  • It is non-invasive – no injections are involved, you are not asked to take any tablets, pills or potions, nor do you undergo surgical procedures.
  • You are in complete control throughout and can bring yourself out of the hypnotic trance state at any time.
  • There is nothing to lose with hypnotherapy (except a little of your time and money) and much to gain – the benefits could amaze you.

What To Expect

Each session lasts between one and one and a half hours approximately, with the first session lasting longer as a general rule. You will simply sit comfortably in a chair during this time, in a quiet room in total privacy, and initially it will be necessary to ask you about various aspects of your health and life in order for therapy to be as effective as possible. However, all information is treated in the strictest confidence, within the confines of UK Law, and not divulged to third parties unless your permission has been given. This is much the same professional format as you would expect to receive during a visit to your doctor. It is sometimes appropriate for the therapist to work in conjunction with your doctor to achieve the best possible management of your condition.


Once hypnosis begins, the therapist will talk to you in a soft, low voice and you will feel very relaxed, yet still aware of your surroundings. There is nothing to fear during the session as you can simply walk out of the door at any time.  Hopefully there will be no need for you to do this as our aim is for you to be as calm, secure and relaxed as possible.


The number of sessions required is hard to predict and depends very much on the condition you need help for. We discuss this prior to any therapy starting so that you are fully aware of all that is involved. To give some idea, a simple relaxation therapy would be a single session; treatment of a phobia may take several sessions, depending on its severity.



The cost of a single session of hypnotherapy will be £40. This does not include smoking cessation.


Smoking cessation is a fixed price of £130 and takes place over two sessions, one week apart.


In all cases an introductory session is offered at a cost of £20. During such a session we discuss hypnotherapy in more detail, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and raise concerns you may have. You will also experience hypnosis briefly in order to help you decide if this is the therapy for you.


Payment is by cash or cheque at the end of each session and a further appointment would be made if necessary. Alternatively, your session can be prepaid by bank transfer if you prefer.


The treatment rooms are in Wilthorpe, Barnsley and full details are available on the Contact page.


To summarise

Hypnotherapy is a suitable therapy for all ages as the trance state is a natural phenomenon. Clinical or Therapeutic Hypnosis practised by a trustworthy and professionally qualified therapist is completely safe and can offer a  practical and effective answer to a great number of today’s distressing and debilitating conditions.


Imagine, for a moment, how different your life would be if you didn’t crave cigarettes or cream cakes and chocolate.


How much better would you feel if you no longer worried about having to speak in front of a group of people at work, or perform in an exam or on stage, etc.?


Just think how it would feel for you to be free of anxiety caused by phobias, panic attacks, stress, IBS and similar conditions which may be blighting your life.


Of course, no-one can offer any guarantees that hypnotherapy, or indeed any other therapy, will completely cure your problems. However, hypnotherapy has been found to be very effective in alleviating, and sometimes eliminating altogether, many distressing conditions.